Mary Anne Then“This club makes afternoon swing…Though the atmosphere of ‘Nightclub in the Afternoon’ may resemble a swanky supper club, it’s without the bar scene’s inconveniences.” – Andy Argyrakis, Chicago Tribune

“A talented singer dressed in a stunning gown backed by a trio in tuxedos. A delicious meal followed by dancing to melodic old standards. There’s nothing like nightclubbing — during daylight.” – Myrna Petlicki, Pioneer Press

“‘Then & Now’ has something for everyone. With her beautifully buoyant and cheerful sound, singer Mary Anne Riehl is still very much a star.” – Judy Roberts, Chicago Jazz Magazine

“…this lady was born to sing!” – Chuck Stephen

“…her enthusiasm and positive energy are matched by a lilting and expressive voice…and when I accompany Mary Anne, I can clearly hear and feel her spirit coming through in every song she sings.” – Judy Roberts